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What are some of the strangest ways to make money?

strangest ways to earn money - photo: Ryan McGuire Gratisography

Here's some of mine -

For more check out this Steemit post on the Strangest Ways I've Earned Money. What are some of yours?

Going into this new year of 2017 here's what I want more of - more clients who really appreciate what I can do for them, more teams of talented individuals, and more travel to explore foodie spots and dance tango.

Recently, I talked about what to do instead of new year's resolutions.

Sure, money is important, but it's a means to an end.

This is the same with the "stuff" we buy with money.

Danielle Laporte talks about identifying the feelings you want to achieve. Family, success, wealth - stuff. What do you really want at the end of the day?

Is it contentment? peace? love?

Another idea is finding your why. When he looked at the core of successful companies, Simon Sinek realized that they sold their "why" before the "how."

What motivates me?

A friend recently pointed out how I seem to really like helping others. It's true, and ironically I don't see it as some big sense of altruism. I simply like how I feel when I am helpful.

Of course, even though I enjoy feeling this way, that doesn't mean I'm willing to work for free. Sure, I've done my share of pro bono work and even been involved with student films.

After a certain point we all need to value our work, not just for ourselves but even for those we're helping. I also realized that people often only value what they pay for. More often than not, giving your work and advice away may not help others.

So, here's to more of what we want as indie creatives in the new year!