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Want some creative ways to be romantic? With Valentine's Day just a few days away I thought I'd share of my "game." Okay, I'm not a relationship expert or a dating coach, so these are just some of my amateur attempts at romance.

Wanna do something creative for your valentine? (source: aitoff via Pixabay)

Over the years I’ve done all kinds of things in the name of love and romance. Here’s some of the more creative ways to romance your valentine I can share without total embarrassment..

1 - pick flowers and spread them around their bed (okay, I think I stole this from a teen movie - like Picasso said, “good artists borrow.. Great artists steal!”)

2 - create your own tropical paradise; this one takes some planning - get posters from a travel agency; pick up a straw hat, some pineapple fried rice and a pineapple, of course;  make pina coladas (hmm.. I think this was inspired by It’s a Wonderful Life..)

3 - blindfold taste test; pick out an assortment of flavors and textures for your loved one to guess the food item.. But be nice! Remember, you’re trying to romance your valentine, NOT piss them off!  (ok, guilty.. Stole this one from 9 ½ Weeks. I promise not all of these are movie ripoffs!)

4 - go on a hike and picnic; just make sure that you get back to the parking lot before they lock the gate, or you’ll end up sleeping in your car overnight (luckily, we had some chilled bubbly on hand..)

5 - make a romantic rooftop Italian dinner; nothing says romance like the food / culture of Venice and Rome; although not truly authentic Italian, my personal favorite is still chicken parmesan (I need to make a video of my recipe sometime.. Keep bugging me - I’ll have to do it then!)

6 - camp & watch a rom-com in your tent; okay, again this one takes a bit of planning and preparation - you don’t want to just run out into the woods without having some basics like a full-charged laptop or tablet!.. Check out my two-part series on camping essentials..)

7 - create your own home spa; get some bath salts, scented candles, and make a playlist of relaxing music for the perfect mood and atmosphere

8 - take your date flying - admittedly, it helps to have a private pilot’s license, but you can also charter a plane or offer to pay the gas for a pilot friend

9 - DJ your own night of dancing - while it helps if you’re both into dancing, nothing gets both the heart pumping and the oxytocin flowing like grooving together (plus, tango boosts your creativity..)

10 - go day-tripping - most of these are evening events, but there’s a lot to be said for making a day of it; if you can swing spending the day together, there’s almost no city that doesn’t have some cool spots to explore (and you know how much I’m a fan of “getting lost”!)

Overall, I’ve found that putting a little effort, creative forethought, and planning scores some major points with your romantic crush. It's said that the quickest way to a man’s heart is his stomach, but I’ve found that women also appreciate good food - especially the gesture.

With all that said.. the day before your date is NOT the time to take a crash course on cooking, but you can learn some basic skills pretty quickly. If you’re interested in more tips and videos on this, sign up here.

What's your favorite creative way to romance your valentine?