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Who am I and more importantly why are you here?

Recently, I started connecting the dots that I'm here to help other creative entrepreneurs find their way to connect with their 1000 True Fans.

Too often these folks have the most to offer the world with their unique gifts but face some of the hardest challenges - mostly because what it means to be an artist / entrepreneur is often misunderstood AND undervalued.

The Butterfly part of this Formula was inspired by the Butterfly Effect, which is essentially how sometimes small changes can have profound ripple effects.

Too often Creative Entrepreneurs get overwhelmed and feel like there's little hope to make a living doing work they love - that not only inspires themselves and others but also nourishes their souls.

Hi, my name is John Chang. I've been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. The creative part has only come over time. You see, like most of us I had the creativity basically trained out of me by the education system.

Growing up in a family of doctors and the traditional Asian culture, I was taught that we're supposed to be practical and just do work that makes us money. Being creative - never mind making a living at it - was considered foolish. Maybe even dangerous.

But over time life had other plans for me. It became less and less dangerous to take creative risks - and more and more my only choice.

So I'm not sure what brought you to this site. Maybe something I shared resonated with you. Maybe your curiosity got the better of you.

Most of all, I hope that you join me in sharing the unique gift that you've been called to share with the world - the one that only you can bring to life!

Have fun!


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