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What the Entrepreneur Knows & Struggling Artists Don’t

Artist vs Entrepreneur - we tend to treat these two things as mutually exclusive..

Artist vs Entrepreneur

But in reality there’s lots of overlap like this..

Why artists aren't so different from entrepreneurs

Reading Jeff Goins’ new book Real Artists Don’t Starve, I’m struck with how often we believe otherwise. You’re either a business person -or- an artist. But the people I’ve admired the most like George Lucas or Michelangelo were in fact both artist and entrepreneur.

The Power of Crazy Little Ideas

Years ago, Project Tango.. A small group of us had this crazy idea “what if we danced tango to contemporary music?” That one little question ended up starting a movement that led to national events and the rest of the dance community accepting “alternative tango.”

Derek Sivers shares his story with CD Baby and how he reached his breaking point where he stopped going to the office and turned off his phone. Things just couldn't keep going the way they were. But eventually Derek realized he was running away from the problem, not solving it. So, each time a question came up he got everyone together, explained his thought process & document this.

Real Entrepreneurs Make Themselves Unnecessary

It's an ironical part of being a real business owner. You make yourself obsolete. I've seen it again and again, where pseudo-entrepreneurs kid themselves into thinking that running a business means they're indispensable. That's ego talking, not your business or your customers.

“To be a true business owner, make it so you could go away for a year," Derek says. "And when you come back, your business would doing better than when you left it.”

Today, Project Tango still continues - each week dancers come together to share their love of this passionate dance. Over time they are building a community.

“Business is as creative as the fine arts,” says Derek. “You can be as unconventional, unique, and quirky as you want. A business is a reflection of the creator..”

“Just pay attention to what excites you and what drains you. Pay close attention to when you’re being the real you and when you’re trying to impress an invisible jury.”

"You'll Know When It's Time.."

In the end this is why I decided it was time to move on from my involvement with Project Tango. Over time the organization brought on members that were draining to be around. Their negative energy made it no longer fun to be a part of what we started.

At the same time I was confident that we had gotten our nonprofit to the right place. There was a strong enough group of volunteers that the weekly events would keep going. Financially as a business, it was not only solvent but positive in cash flow.

Help for the Creative Entrepreneur

Meanwhile, I continue to advise small business owners. What I realized from my time as a business broker was that I needed to start working with them much further upstream. Often by the time these folks approached me, there was little I could do but slap a price tag on their “business” and try to help them with the sale.

Here’s the basic question you have to answer: are you really building a business vs. creating a  job no one else will want or can do? Often, it’s an unfortunate answer. That’s why I created this course to help entrepreneurs.. Build a Business That You Can Sell

If you purchase with this link, you’ll not only get half off the regular Udemy price, but the first few who purchase will get a spot for the next mastermind group. If you haven’t sat in on one of these sessions, then you’re in for a treat!

There is no better way to finally get past some of your big stumbling blocks than connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs who “get” what you’re trying to do and won’t let you fail!

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