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Creativity Really Does Take a Village

Over the last year I’ve written about a variety of topics. I know, content marketers tell us to simply stick to our “niche.” Basically, find that vein, mainline it, then work it, baby, work it!

From individuals to creative community

For a while I tried to write pulpy articles for Blasting News that the BuzzFeed’s of the world reward. That got some traction with a bit of artificial enhancement, but ended up in utter failure. So, I went back to work, writing and creating content that might truly matter to my audience.

But who exactly is my audience? To be honest that’s something else I still don’t know.

Again, the guru’s in their infinite wisdom talk about “defining your avatar” like some D&D generated character:  Intelligence: 16, Wisdom: 15, Constitution:17.. - That way, I could simply plug this into Facebook ads and serve up just what they wanted.

Most of all, I was supposed to have it all figured out - mastery of social media tools, running a kick ass team of elf helpers and marching forth to world domination.. Do you hear the people sing?

Recently, I started simply engaging and connecting. Sure, my creative output has slowed to a trickle but at least on Medium here’s the results - more views and reach.



On YouTube I’m looking at ways I can partner with other creators..

On Facebook I look for how I can involve others by tagging.

In his upcoming book, Real Artists Don’t Starve, Jeff Goins talks about the importance of community. “The Starving Artist works alone. The Thriving Artist collaborates with others.”

I love the example he gives where J.R.R. Tolkien is stuck after the success of The Hobbit. All Tolkien can see is writing a few chapters with the sequel, The New Hobbit. It’s only when he sits down to lunch with a member of their literary group, C.S. Lewis, that inspiration hits the Lord of the Ring creator.

Another idea mentioned in Real Artists was that Wednesdays were no doubt Tolkien’s busiest nights. Besides raising a family while teaching a full schedule as a tenured professor of Oxford, the last thing he wanted to do was to show up empty-handed at the weekly meetings on Thursday!

No literary group, no beloved fantasy series..

That’s why I started a Facebook group for us all to connect.

It’s kinda like the lobby for the breakout sessions or in our case masterminds, which I’ve done on Skype or Zoom with clients.

Down the road I can see holding these meetings in person like some friends have done. This requires considerably more planning and logistics, of course. But it’s nice to know that for now there’s a very affordable and convenient option.

By the way, if you order Real Artists right now, you can get some awesome bonuses.

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