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What are "masterminds"?

Sounds like some diabolical plot by a typical 007 villain to destroy the world for one million dollars!


It brings up images of ticking time bombs and secret underground bases..

Of course, in reality it's none of these.

Basically, there are two main kinds of masterminds that I run - public and private.

The public masterminds are meant to give you a sense and idea of what happens in the private ones.

The private ones get a lot more personal and real. These are limited in size to 4 or 5 members, so that everyone gets plenty of attention and accountability. The intimate closed nature makes it easier to know each other - think of it as a squad vs. a platoon or larger size unit.

Each week or whatever period you decide on the group meets via Zoom or Skype. We go over how things went from the previous session and introduce any new successes or challenges. It's about feedback but also getting the help that only those who get what you're trying to do can give.

Want to stay up to late on the next mastermind? Sign up here..