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There are lots of amazing TED talks on a variety of topics. Here are my #topthree favorites on creativity.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, talks about how the Ancients may have gotten it right about Creativity. After the success of her book Gilbert felt the pressure of "what's next?" She suggests that rather than put all the pressure on ourselves, we see that our inspiration is channeled through us.  -


Sir Ken Robinson shares how our Education system may be killing Creativity in our children. One of the most poignant stories is about a girl whose parents take her to see a psychiatrist because of difficulty in school. It's a very telling example that our schools are lagging with what students need to thrive in today's world. -


J.J. Abrams talks about his infamous "Mystery Box" and its role in inspiring his Creativity. Abrams shares the story of his first box and how it continues to challenge him to entertain and delight his audiences.

What TED talks on creativity do you find inspiring?

Who would you like to see give a TED talk?

Are there other videos on creativity that you recommend?